Trout Fario

La truite Fario - Slow Food Souillac - Fiche produit

Product description

It is a predator river fish. It lives alone in fresh and oxygen-rich water. It has a hunting place to feed itself and a resting place. Its color and size will vary according to the rivers where it lives. Its current size is 25 to 40 cm with a weight from 200 to 1000g.

Terroir and origin

It is found in all the French and European rivers. In our area, it can be found in the Dordogne River as well as in all of these tributaries. It is present naturally but also thanks to the repopulation of the fishing federations. It is one of the most prized fish by fishermen because of its liveliness and the sporting aspect of its fishing.

The restaurant industry can count on the breeding of this species for a regular supply. Around Souillac, there is the pisciculture of the Blagour abyss which produces high quality trouts.

Steps for breeding in fish farming

  • Purchase and receipt of the eggs
  • Hatching tray: birth of the fish that is called at this point fish larva.
  • The nursery: 15 days after hatching, small fish (from 0.3 to 0.5 grams) are put into a tray until they weigh 3 grams. Then, they are put into an indoor pool until the fish weighs 10 grams it is then called “truitelle”. All these operations last for about 6 months.
  • Finally, they are put into another tray so they can get bigger. It takes then between 22 and 26 months for a trout Fario to reach 250 grams.