The melon from the Quercy region

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Product description

The melon from the Quercy region has a very orange, firm and melting flesh. It is rich in vitamin, sweet and flavorful. It is a delicious and refreshing treat that you can eat fresh or cook thanks to its tender and juicy flesh.

Terroir and origin

The soil of the Quercy melon production spreds through a delimited area from the South of the Lot to the North of the Tarn and Garonne. Characterized by the richness of its soil and climate, it offers an ideal development environment to melons. Argilo-calcareous soils enable a regular water supply to the plant. The warmth climate due to an oceanic and Mediterranean climate, favors the hours of sunshine essential to melons. The IGP protects the melon from Quercy and its production area, since its official recognition on June 24, 2004.


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Key figures

  • The Union of the Quercy melons comprehends 213 producers who produce 10,000 certified tones by year.

Manufacturing steps

  • During 2 to 3 weeks, the plants grow in greenhouseq where temperature and aeration are rigorously controlled.
  • Between the months of March and July, they are planted in a soil warmed by a plastic mulching.
  • After 35 to 45 days, after the fertilization of the flower, fruits are picked up by hand in the morning before 1.00 pm to perfect maturity. (harvest from June to October)
  • For several years, the production of Quercy