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Here you can discover the different products of our terroirs, wich are the basis of our very rich and varied regional cooking. The nature offer us products of excellence and luxury, making us enlightened and privileged consumers.

Trout Fario

Product Trout Fario Product description It is a predator river fish. It lives alone in fresh and oxygen-rich water. It has a hunting place to feed itself and a resting place. Its color and size will vary according to the rivers where it lives. Its current size is 25...

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The Fat Duck

Product The Fat Duck Product description The Fat Duck is obtained by force-feeding of a skinny duck. That is to say it is being fed large amounts of calorific food (grains) to fatten it up extensively. This operation allows getting a tasty meat (legs, breasts,...

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Product Honey Product description Honey is a sugary-based substance produced by bees. It is obtained from the nectar of the flowers that bees forage, transform, combine with their own specific matter, store and leave to mature in the frame of the hive. This substance...

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Saffron from the Quercy region

Product Saffron from the Quercy region Product description Saffron from the Quercy region is a spice stemming from the deep red stigmas of a purple flower. To get this valuable spice, you untie the stigmas at harvest time and then dry them. Terroir and origin Saffron...

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The melon from the Quercy region

Product The melon from the Quercy region Product description The melon from the Quercy region has a very orange, firm and melting flesh. It is rich in vitamin, sweet and flavorful. It is a delicious and refreshing treat that you can eat fresh or cook thanks to its...

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Farmhouse Rocamadour

Product Farmhouse Rocamadour Product description The Rocamadour is a small, raw whole milk goat cheese containing 45% fat. It comes in the form of a 35 gram disc. It measures 6 cm in diameter and 1.6 cm in height. It has a white or ivory cream colour. Its ridged skin...

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