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The amount of agriculturals entreprises through the Lot is decreasing : there is today 5 110 enterprises in the department, it’s 26% less than 10 years ago. Those enterprises are mostly little and offer a large variety of products. In fact, we can see traditionnal activities like breeding (the most important) but more typical productions too, like truffle or saffron.

Otherwise, to valorize their products, more than 25% of agriculturals enterprises use the “short circuit” and practice direct selling. We have to emphasize that the quality of the Lot productions is rewarded by a lot of labels and constaded origine designation ; the ovine and swine productions avec the “Red Label”; Rocamadour’s cheese, Perigord’s nut, Cahors and Coteaux du Quercy wines are constaded origine designation. Last but not least, 4.5% of agricultural enterprises in Lot converted on biological agriculture (and more are to come).

Les serres du stade à Souillac

Name and address of company Les serres du stade Route de Cieurac Nathalie et Christophe LEHENANF 46200 Souillac 05 65 32 77 95 Things to do Cultivation and sale of vegetable and flower seedlings. Environmentally-friendly cultivation of vegetables in the soil and under...

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Exploitation Agricole des Forges

Name and address of the company Exploitation Agricole des Forges La Forge 46200 Souillac 05 65 32 79 57 Things to do Four main activities characterize this farm: The farmer is responsible for crop management and food production for goats The shepherd is responsible...

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Pisciculture du gouffre du Blagour

Name and address of the company Pisciculture du gouffre du Blagour 46200 Lachapelle-Auzac 05 65 37 83 93 www.gouffredublagour.com Activités Traditional trout farming (rainbow trout, fario trout, fountain salmon). Trout fishing in the Blagour creek. During the summer...

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The Farm of the Countryside

Nom et coordonnées de l’entreprise Traduire depuis la langue suivante : Français Affichage de la traduction pour "" Traduire plutôt : "Nom et coordonnées de l'entreprise" Essayez avec cette orthographe : Name and address of compagny The Farm of the Countryside Cloup...

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