Farmhouse Rocamadour

Le rocamadour fermier - Slow Food Souillac

Product description

The Rocamadour is a small, raw whole milk goat cheese containing 45% fat. It comes in the form of a 35 gram disc. It measures 6 cm in diameter and 1.6 cm in height.

It has a white or ivory cream colour. Its ridged skin gives it a slightly velvety look.

Terroir and origin

Its soil covers the Causses of the Quercy region, an area that spreads across most of the Lot department, and through some communes from the Aveyron, Corrèze, Dordogne and Garonne and Tarn.

It enjoys an Appellation of origin controlled since 1996, as well as a designation of origin protected since 1999.

Key figures

16500 goats on the territory

  • 48 milk producers
  • 34 farmers
  • 31 million of Rocamadour produced per year

Manufacturing steps

    • Curdling

Milk is added to ferment and rennet. It is then let to stand for 24 hours until curdled.

    • Draining

The curd is drained in a cloth bag for 24 hours .

    • Salting

The curd is salted and mixed to obtained a texture.

    • Molding

The texture is spread in some molds to form a small disc and it is then unmold immediately.

    • Maturing

The cheeses are then matured 6 days in the cellar and returned every day.

    • Packaging and labelling

The cheeses are then labelled with specific labels and put in some wood boxes.